Inseego - Skyus DS2 Bundle, Includes LTE Cat-6 Work From Anywhere

    Skyus DS2, US multi-carrier (VZ, ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint) CAT6Skyus DS2, Includes LTE Cat-6 USB Modem,


    Price: $399.00

    MSRP: $399.00

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    BUNDLE - Quantity 1 - Skyus DS2, US multi-carrier (VZ, ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint), CAT 6 - Quantity 2 Taoglas Antennas - USB Dongle with Window Drivers & PDF attachments. DESCRIPTION: Reliable, high-speed connectivity up to 300 Mbps in a secure, rugged design. The Skyus DS2 stores up to 4 different carrier firmware images, giving you the freedom to use the carrier of your choice without changing out hardware. Featuring two easily accessible SIM slots, the Skyus DS2 enables you to manually toggle active SIMs using a toggle tool, without the need to upload firmware.

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